Nozzle check valve or non slam nozzle check valve

A check valve typically used with compressor discharge, pump discharge, bypass, etc.​
It requires a very low flow to fully open, has a low pressure drop and closes very quickly.​
Where other check valves are ordered based on the line size these valves typically require a calculation to determine the correct size and design of the internals to ensure it matches the process so it will do what is expected.

Our brand: Entech


Since 1930, ENTECH nozzle check valves have provided reliable backflow prevention for the oil, gas, water and process industries. Beginning in 1972, ENTECH has also served the nuclear industry with nozzle check valves for containment and commercial process.

Entech nozzle check valve (non slam check valve) DRV-Z & DRV-BN

DRV-Z small bore nozzle check valve​
Size              : 1” – 14”​
Rating          : #150 – #2500, API 2000 – API 10000​
Connection : flanged​
Material       : LTCS, SS, Duplex​

DRV-BN large bore nozzle check valve​
Size               : 16” and larger​
Rating           : #150 – # 2500​
Connection  : flanged​
Material        : LTCS, SS, Duplex

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