Gas over Oil Actuator

The design is based on a hydraulic scotch yoke actuator.​
The (natural) gas from the pipeline is not directly used in the actuator but hydraulic fluid is used as an intermediate or transfer to the actuator.​
A typical set up includes a high pressure control assembly, hand pump assembly, gas over oil tanks and the hydraulic actuator. The actuator can be single or double acting.​

An alternative is direct gas actuator where the gas operates the pneumatic actuator directly.​
Our brand:Ledeen

  • Single- or dual-cylinder models available
  • Torque outputs to 5,700,000 in.lbf [644,000 N.m]
  • Open and close travel stops provide ±3° minimum
  • Scotch yoke mechanism generates powerful opening and closing torque outputs
  • Steel-fabricated frame provides rugged foundation of modular assemblies
  • Chrome-plated side-load bar with guide block for effective elimination of piston rod deflection and stem side loading
  • Bronze bushing interfaces provide low-friction support of sliding and rotating components
  • Aluminum bronze sliding blocks for a low-friction, low-stress pin connection
  • Steel cylinder assembly provides robust pressure containment for all conditions
  • Cylinder ID plated to ensure excellent sealing surface with enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Nitrile rubber piston seal configurations specifically designed for gas-over-oil applications
  • Composite guide band on piston provides low-friction guidance and support
  • ASME and PED gas-over-oil pressure vessels complete with dipstick, hydraulic filter, and adjustable speed controls
  • High-pressure-rated gas controls for local, remote, and automatic operations
  • Hydraulic manual override with four-position selector valve, purging port, and breakdown-style pump lever

Typical application

For on-off control of any natural gas transmission ball or plug valve utilizing the high-pressure natural gas from the pipeline with a gas-over-oil configuration

Modular assembly

Scotch-yoke gas-over-oil LEDEEN* actuators provide increased flexibility
through consistent engineering design and efficient modularity. Doubleacting, single-cylinder, and dual-cylinder options are available to meet
specific pipeline application requirements.

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